Your Green Journey Begins Here

With nearly 8 billion humans inhabiting the earth, the need to live sustainably and more eco-friendly has never been more necessary; however, those lifestyle changes may seem easier said than done.

Yet, you’re here. You’re ready to embrace your green! I’m so proud of you!

Join Find Your Green

It can be overwhelming to think of the changes you might want to make on your green journey. There is so much information out there. Buy this. Don’t buy that. You can compost that. Don’t forget to recycle. And so on the guidance continues…

So how do you find your green? Who do you trust? Where do you even begin? 

Some days, the green information overload may make it seem simpler to just keep on following the same practices and habits of your current routine, disregarding your impulse to pursue the green life. But imagine a healthier life that saves you money and makes an impact on the planet. That life is within your reach!

And here’s the best part… one green choice makes an impact. Yep, that’s all it takes. One decision and then another is all it takes to make a dramatic difference in our world. Because of that, you can be imperfectly green and be a game-changer.

It just takes that first green step…

Good news: wherever you are on your journey, you are not alone in your search for a greener path.

I am your new Green Bestie, and I see you. I was you. Trying to figure out the what, the how, and the why behind a green lifestyle. There’s so much information out there — it can be intimidating.

I’ve spent 10 years researching the green life, and am here to guide you every step of the way. I will simplify your search, answer your questions, and take you on a green journey in simple and affordable steps.

Armed with the knowledge you need for green living, you’ll feel empowered to do everything from reading product labels to composting to natural living.

There is no right or wrong way to become more green.

Wherever you are today is exactly where you are supposed to be. Maybe you’re super familiar with the idea of living “green;” perhaps you’ve never really investigated what that means or aren’t too sure how it applies to you. Does it mean you should recycle or eat organic food or eliminate certain ingredients from your household? It can! Does it mean you should reuse grocery bags, buy sustainable clothing, and make your own cleaning products? It can mean that too! Being green is about living consciously. It is about making wise choices that protect your body and your home, and reducing your negative impact on the environment.

There are different levels of green, because every woman is unique, as is her relationship with her green self. You might be mint green and have no idea what you’re doing (yet!); you might be dark green having made many eco and health conscious choices, but want to get to the next phase. Wherever you are, I will meet you there. It is my deepest mission and pleasure to guide women to their perfect shade of green by empowering them to live a little more green, every day, on their own terms without the overwhelm.

Find Your Green is for the woman who wants to make green change, create greener habits and wants to do it her way, in her own time.

More green, less hassle.

It is time to say “YES” to:

  • More free time
  • Less clutter
  • More whole foods
  • Less harmful chemicals
  • More green fashion
  • Less waste

Chances are, you’re here because you care. You care about your family, your health, your planet, and your legacy.

Because of this, you’re likely becoming more mindful about how you look after yourself and your loved ones by becoming a little more green. You probably realize the world we live in is full of things you want to be free of... Waste. Harmful toxins. Fast fashion. You want to make choices that are friendlier for your environment and for your body.

Find Your Green is the premiere digital course to help you claim your green life, one step at a time. You have lifetime access to all materials, and all future updates, so you will always be prepared with the knowledge to make your next green choice.

You’re still reading, which means you’re already greener today than you were yesterday. Now it’s time to bring your green practices and lifestyle to the next level. Making greener choices will save you time and money, improve your overall wellbeing and health, and help you make our world a better place. Sound too good to be true? Check out this program today, and you’ll witness the results yourself.

With each green choice you make, you are taking one step toward protecting our beautiful earth and creating the legacy you want to leave behind.

Find Your Green details how you can live out your green, with very little added effort to your life. (No stress or overwhelm here!)

Throughout the course, I’ll discuss:

  • What ingredients to avoid in your food
  • Better alternatives and product choices for cleaning and for your favorite beauty routines
  • What disposable products you can swap out for reusable ones 
  • How you can reduce your food waste
  • Tips for reusing and repurposing items you already have at home
  • How you can create a sustainable wardrobe and still look fabulous

You deserve a life free of harmful chemicals and clutter, and with a few quick changes you can be living greener in no time. (Ready to go all in and live your greenest life? I’ll show you how to do that, too!)

Say no more, SIGN ME UP!

Throughout the Find Your Green course, you will learn how to:

Module 1

Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Module 2

Your Green Pantry

Module 3

Creating Less Waste

Module 4

Closet Clean Out

Module 5

Simple Home Detox

All course materials will be released on Friday, June 4th!


Course Options

The Mint Package

Self - Paced Option

This is a great option for a quick self-learner. You will be able to complete this course at your own pace and whenever it fits into your schedule.

  • 4 Audio Lessons (Podcast Style)
  • PDFs to Accompany the Audios/Videos
  • Checklists
  • DIY Recipes


Enroll Now!

I know how badly you need this in your life, so I’ve priced this as low as possible! Get access to the Find Your Green course for only $97. Your investment will be more than returned to you through the time and energy saved from researching all the green tips and resources yourself. Not to mention the actual cost savings you’ll experience after implementing the green tips and tricks shared throughout the program.

If you’re ready to start living a greener life without overwhelm and information overload...this course is going to save you countless hours of research, and arm you with the most relevant, actionable knowledge all in one place.

Are you ready to step into your greenest self as quickly and effortlessly as possible? For only $397, you get personal access to me, your Green Bestie.

Saving money, time, and the planet?! That sounds like a pretty perfect deal to me.

Your new greener lifestyle will save you major green in the coming days.

(See what I did there?)


Going green will save you time and money, and put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. 

Being on this journey with a Green Bestie will help you escape the overwhelm and give you peace of mind every step of the way.

I know you’re busy and that you have a beautiful life to live. Find Your Green isn’t about disrupting your lifestyle — it is about elevating it.

Being green means:

More whole foods, less processed crap.

More clean products, less harmful ingredients

More green fashion, less fast fashion

More sustainable and healthy living, less experiences and clutter you don’t really need.

More time, less expense.

Are you ready to change the world one green step at a time? With my simple and effective swaps & guidance, you’ll be living a more productive, efficient, and impactful life; one that is truly building your legacy.

Join me.

I'm so Ready!

Going green is the right choice for you, your family, and the planet. Don’t let the intimidation of all the green information from different sources intimidate you. I’m here for you and believe me, you’ve got this.

Find Your Green is for you if you’re someone who wants to go green one food label, one piece of clothing, one toxin-free product, or one ingredient at a time. And it is for you if you’re someone who grabbed every conventional item you once owned, threw them all away at once and now make all your own household products.

This course is for the woman who knows green and for the woman taking her first green step. For the woman who wants to take responsibility. The newbies. The driven. The utterly overwhelmed and overworked or the go-with-the-flow woman. From the everyday gal to entrepreneurs. For the woman who wants to live differently and the woman who knows there’s a better way, a greener way. For the pregnant or the childless. For the woman who needs more ease, meaning, and love. More vegan chocolate. More green rituals. 

Yes, that means YOU!

Tick ain’t getting any greener just standing there!

Your Green Bestie.

If we’re going to be hanging out, I think it’s important you know who I am. Chances are, we have a lot in common. I am a green living mentor and the CEO and Founder of Good Girl Gone Green and a mom of two incredible kids. Taking care of this beautiful earth and  teaching busy women how to live greener and more sustainable without feeling overwhelmed is my passion and my mission, but I also love to cook, thrift shop, workout and walk in nature.

I began DIY-ing my own cleaning and personal care products because I wanted to reduce the number of unnecessary and potentially harmful products I was bringing into my family's home. Now with over 10 years of experience, I have helped over 20,000 women to not only live more sustainably but also live with less, shop ethically, and reduce the overall amount of toxins they are exposed to. 

I have spoken at events like The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing, Slay Online Sales Summit, Expo Yoga & Wellness Summit, and Be True Brand You. For my green expertise I have been featured on CBS Rhode Island, ABC Talk of Alabama, CTV Calgary, Edmonton 630 CHED, Huffington Post Canada, Vegetarian Times, Wall Street Journal, Green Child Magazine, Direct Sales Diva Magazine, and BlogHer.


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